Established in 2019, our studio focuses on creating carefully designed buildings and the spaces which surround them. We strive to make buildings which enrich the lives of those who will inhabit them and the context in which they will stand.

We believe architecture should be simple, elegant and powerful. 

Simple to build and to use, elegant in composition and form, powerful in appearance and durability.

We are convinced that successful projects are the result of a close relationship between client, architect and contractor based on passion, trust and respect.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, need advice or would like to discuss a potential project.


Mattias Dahlberg (1986, SWEDEN)

Architect SAR/MSA

Mattias studied architecture at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden and EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. He graduated as an architect in 2014 and has gained his professional experience working for offices in Lausanne, Zürich and Stockholm. Mattias is a member of the Swedish Architects' Association (SAR).

Annapaola Busnardo (1983, ITALY)

Landscape Architect LAR/MSA

Annapaola graduated in architecture at IUAV in Venice, Italy in 2010. After completing her studies she developed a growing interest in landscape architecture. She has over ten years' professional experience working in landscape offices in Milano, Italy and Zürich, Switzerland.

Annapaola is a member of the Swedish Landscape Architects' Association (LAR).