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Villa O sits in a quiet suburban area south of Stockholm, in the middle of a residential neighbourhood characterised by neomodernist architecture, white fences and green lawns. Because of the sloping topography of the area, the plot and the adjacent parcels of land are arranged in east-facing terraces down towards the Hallsfjärden Bay. The plot was one of few left unbuilt in the area, sandwiched between larger plots with two story dwellings.

  Our client wanted a simple and straight-forward house in two floors to make the most of the potentially panoramic views of the Hallsfjärden Bay. Our ambition was to develop a slender volume to maximise not only the exposure towards the water but the future garden space as well.

  Our proposal is a long and narrow volume (6.6x22.75m) along the western border of the plot, with a north-south orientation. This allows for an easy access underground garage, minimising the impact of cars and parking space. The facade of the building is structured as a straightforward standing grid, each unit offering a different degree of exposure and view of the landscape.

  The program is organised on four floors - a basement with utility rooms and garage, a ground floor with living spaces connected to the garden, an upper floor with bedrooms, and a generous roof terrace offering a 360° view of the surroundings.

In collaboration with Max Holst Arkitektkontor